LAHORE/SAHIWAL: The weapons sent to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) were not the ones used in the Sahiwal encounter, sources at the lab informed Geo News Tuesday night.

According to the sources, the machine gun and pistol it had received were not the original weapons used in the tragic incident that had left four people dead.

The PFSA sources further mentioned that the four bullets that hit the police vehicle were from the weapons used by police officers. The said police mobile was sent to the lab in a truck.

However, at the time of the incident, the police van was driven away from the crime scene.

On the other hand, the PFSA sources noted that the car that was driven by Zeeshan was shot at both as it was moving and when it came to a halt. The deceased’s car was hit a point-blank range (1 ft).

More than 100 bullet casings, four submachine guns (SMGs), and two 9mm pistols had been sent to the PFSA for forensic testing. The casings, it turned out, were not from the weapons originally used in the encounter.