KHAIRPUR: Police dragged the widow of a martyred officer through her house here in the city’s Pir Jo Goth area to force her to vacate the house after she refused, according to a video that went viral on social media on Tuesday.

Upon resisting the authorities’ attempts, the bereaved widow was then forcefully evicted from her home by women police officers. The incident, which was recorded on video, was shared on social media, prompting the senior superintendent of police (SSP) for Khairpur to take notice.

The widow tried to reason with the officers conducting the operation that the case was ongoing in the court and that they had been living in the same house for the past 70 years.

The video clip shows the widow sitting on a charpoy in her house as police officers, including the female ones, telling her to leave. They then lift her up by holding her arms and legs and drag her on the floor away from the bed.

On the other hand, SSP Pir Jo Goth said the houses were constructed on illegally-occupied land that was originally owned by a man named Deewan Om Prakash.

Following the Supreme Court’s orders, its enforcement body had sealed both the houses, the SSP said. However, the seals were broken and the land illegally occupied again.

Last night, then, the enforcement officer had taken police alongside him to the area.