KARACHI: Four cops were sacked on Tuesday for harassing and manhandling a married couple at Karachi’s Sea View, said SSP South Pir Muhammad Shah.

Speaking to Geo News, the SSP South said that four policemen including an Assistant sub-inspector (ASI) have been dismissed following the incident.

He said that for further action, an FIR from the couple is required.

Earlier, a notification stated that inspectors Ahmed Khan, Qurban Ali and Zahid Ali have been sacked for misbehaving with the couple and demanding extortion money from them. Officials had earlier said that ASI Zulfiqar, inspectors Ahmed Khan and Qurban had been arrested while Zahid had fled.

In a video which has gone viral, the four cops — three of whom were in plain clothes — could be seen harassing the couple despite the Karachi police chief’s earlier order against asking couples for proof of marriage. The footage shows the cops manhandling the couple after a citizen tries to make a video of them being harassed by the cops. The man can be heard screaming that they are husband and wife but to no avail.

ASI Zulfiqar, inspectors Ahmed Khan, Qurban Ali and Zahid Ali were identified as the policemen who harassed the couple.

Speaking to the media, SSP South Pir Muhammad Shah said, “Some policemen harassed the couple at Sea View and tried to ask them for extortion money.”

“ASI Zulfiqar was earlier deployed at Boat Basin Police Station and went to Sea View with inspectors Ahmed Khan, Qurban and Zahid,” the SSP South added. “ASI Zulfiqar, Ahmed Khan and Qurban have been arrested,” he further shared.

“Qurban was not involved in the incident but was part of the gang. Inspector Zahid has fled and we are searching for him,” Pir Muhammad Shah said. “We will try that the complainants lodge a FIR so strict action can be taken.”

Earlier, Additional Inspector General (IG) of Police Dr Amir Sheikh took notice of the incident after the video went viral. The four cops were taken into custody and suspended, the Karachi police chief said. “The four cops will be sacked,” he added.

Last year in October, the Karachi police chief had warned that strict action will be taken against officers who harass young couples and ask them for marriage certificates. In a letter written to the deputy inspector-generals (DIGs) of the three zones in Karachi, Dr Sheikh had called for immediate action against such police officers.

The letter further warned that complaints regarding police officers asking for proof of marriage especially from females should not be heard again. Dr Sheikh had added that strict action will be taken against those police officers deployed at the beach and other places.