KARACHI: A law professor at the University of California, Berkeley is using Twitter and his large following to promote the portrayal of “Muslims as nameless, faceless and monolithic beings”.

Khaled Beydoun, who has also penned the book American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear, underscored that “by saying the names and uplifting the diverse stories of the 49 victims, we challenge Islamophobia at its very core.”

“After he witnessed his son Taha shot and killed, and men and women slain around him, he lunged at the terrorist with his bear [sic] hands,” Beydoun wrote, saying he was “courageous” and”died a Hero”.

“Muca Abdi was only 3 years old. He was killed by terrorist in #ChristChurch, and is the youngest of the 49 slain Muslims. He has his whole life ahead of him.”

“Abdullahi Dirie was only 4 years old. … His family members survived, be little Abdullahi was killed inside the Mosque.”

“Daoud Nabi, 71, … stood at the door, ready to pray, and welcomed the terrorist inside, ‘come in brother’ were his last words.

“The grandfather died trying to save someone else from a bullet.”

“The Heroine” — This is Ara Parvin, 42. She and her husband, Farid, left Bangladesh and settled in #NewZealand in 1994. Years ago, Farid grew ill, and had to use a wheelchair. On Friday, as the terrorist aimed at Farid, Ara jumped in front of the bullets. He lived. She died.”

“Abdullahi Dirie was only 4 years old. He prayed alongside his siblings and father yesterday in #ChristChurch. Here, he is held by a loved one, no longer with us. He was the second youngest victim. 1/49 gone TOO SOON.”